3 Favorite Mascaras


Let’s talk mascara lovelies.  Do you have a favorite?  I’m a creature of habit when it comes to makeup.  When I find something that works, and that I love I tend to be loyal, for like, years.

So, for years, I had been using Benefit’s BADgal mascara.  I loved the giant wand and it’s a fair price.  However, over time, I decided to take a few chances on my lashes and give other mascaras a try.  And, by try I don’t mean at the makeup counter.  More like, use up the entire bottle and wear the mascara for a few months, kind of try.  And here is what I found, 3 new favorites . . .



1/ bareMinerals Flawless Definition : If anyone is a bareMinerals fan it’s me.  I’ve been using their powders forever (have you tried their new Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel cream?  I love it after just a sample size). But, mascara?  It never would have really crossed my mind.  My 12 year old (who asks me everyday if she can wear mascara – she is trying to break me) somehow came across a small bottle of this mascara which ended up in my bathroom.  I didn’t think I would like it because the wand seems so tiny.  But, surprise…it’s the tiny wand that I love.  It separates my lashes better than anything I’ve tried recently.  It isn’t a heavy mascara, but that is what makes it my favorite.  It almost looks like you don’t have mascara on and that you just have really great lashes.  Perfect for a 5 minute fresh face for tired moms or tired anyones.  And, probably the mascara I’ll end up letting my daughter wear, because…no clumping.

2 / They’re Real by Benefit  : I had heard so much about this magic mascara.  Because I loved Benefit’s BADgal mascara I thought I’d probably like this one too.  And, I do.  I’ve been using this one for quite awhile now.  The wand is like two in one.  You start with the round tip to separate lashes and work them in sections and then finish with an over all sweep the traditional shape of the wand.  This mascara really does extend your lashes and gives them a good coating.  It also stays on really well.  My eyes are really watery, I sued to only wear waterproof, so I always like a mascara that stays put.  Honestly, I had a hard time removing this mascara, but now they’ve come out with a remover that takes it right off.  And, while we are talking about They’re Real, might as well mention the new They’re Real Push Up Liner… I’m la la loving that too.  Anything that helps me apply a cat eye without looking like a clown is tops with me.

3 / Diorshow  : This mascara is very similar to Benefit‘s BADgal Lash…the wand being almost identical.  The two mascaras are very similar and I went back and forth for awhile trying to decide which was better and my conclusion is Diorshow.  First of all, it smells like rosewater.  I know mascara smelling like rosewater does not make a mascara but it sure makes for something special.  Beyond the smell, it is the blackest of black and the large wand really plumps up your lashes and makes them stand out.  This one will remain on my favorite list for as long as it’s around.

what is your favorite mascara?

ps- more beauty favorites here.





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