Beholding Beauty

A few words on the practice of living with your eyes wide open.

These days, I am finding a new definition of beauty and it looks nothing like the photoshopped squares we feed on each day.

I think beauty gets a bad rap. We seem to either strive for it or believe it to be a frivolous distraction. We think it is beyond us or behind us. We believe it is useless or must be useful.

But what if beauty is not a distraction but rather an answer?

Beauty is our answer because God is our answer. And God, in His great goodness, offered beauty to us at the beginning.

He is still offering beauty today. Some days it just takes noticing.

It’s easy to see all that is wrong, all that is fractured and needs fixing. But, what if we began to turn eyes from our problems, what plagues us, and our broken world and choose to focus in on beauty—the small gifts and unnoticed grand gestures. There are gifts to behold in each and every day. A pink colored sunset after a winter’s day. Your grandmother’s familiar hug. A baby’s giggle. The tiniest pop of color sprouting up amongst the dirt. A favorite meal shared with old friends. A warm cup of tea. The sound of birds singing outside your window, once again. To find beauty within the broken is to behold, “to keep and remember,” the goodness of God.

It’s become a practice to keep my eyes wide open and “behold” God’s offering. I’m learning to pay attention to the majesty of mountain peaks as well as the freckle pattern on my child’s face. Beauty, I’m learning, isn’t found within the lines of perfection—it spills into every space. It’s not in tomorrow—it is present in all days.

I wonder what you might “behold” today?

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