La La Loving

Here’s what I’m la la loving this week . . .

My Sudio Wireless headphones! I’m all about listening to podcasts, lately (tell me, what is your favorite podcast?) and these wireless headphones block out all the noise (ahem, four kids on summer break) while I’m listening and cooking (or cleaning, or pottering about the house).  I have the Regent White model and absolutely love them. I’m also a fan of their wireless earbuds (but again, was looking to block out noise this time around).

Sudio has been so gracious to offer all La La Lovely readers a discount.

Simply use code: LALALOVELY for 15% off

Happy listening, Lovelies!

This green velvety shell chair I spied on Pinterest really has me swooning. I just want to sit back, read a book, and pretend I’m a mermaid, naturally.

Flowers in the Brows

Sometimes it’s the surreal that catches my eye. Something we’d likely never do when it comes to beauty, but it’s beautiful to see anyways–like flowers in the brows.

Who doesn’t want to glow more? I liked these simple, doable little some things. I thought you might too.


This easy flag desert from Family Fresh Meals for the 4th of July. I’ve had a fixed menu for 4th of July for years, but this year…I’m ready for a change (and making it a little more healthier). I love how simple and sweet this flag desert is.

This reminder, from La Lovely Book, for when I don’t feel like I’m doing enough. Summertime is really a time for me to remember to Abide.


+ + +

Anything, in particular, you are loving this week?

I’d love to know!



  • Karin Barth
    Commented on July 8th, 2018 at 7:07pm

    LOvely, dear and i`l found them comfortebale for you when there are many noises by you in your house but it can bee a big koncurrent , by the time oround yur chidren and between them, like the mobile is.
    I vill rekomendate you to find some box to leav e them when you need rest for your ears and instead take your children in a dance when listen to music if you don`t listen insteed of storyes or others?!!!
    Now I will tell you that my children begain with dances in early year., They are realy freeks in dancing and different music. I arenged partys for them in ours home and they invited there friends from the clases from school and they get some easy food snaks and we says , läsk (cook). All of them were so nice with me and fell soo nice komments uring the hold evening under the music and dancing went on-

    Now I will hear from you and ask where from you can by such shoeses , like them in the picture from the begining of your letter???

    I have had i wounderfull weekend. Sitting of my ballcony in Uppsala /Sweden and in the lovely sun but I`m carefuly by not to bee so long time in directly sun. The ozon skigt is realy so litle from the atmosfär that it can be very dangerous to bee in long time. I relax took cofee and some new bakeded bread with kardemum and kanel. And the rest of my day whas to fixed somethings by my cloeses and other textiles on my Singer- mashine . And also surfa on my cumputer ofcurse. Even make some Pizza for dinner and to eat coldfor lunch today. Otherwise I spoked with my sister and my friends by the mobile and it handle about son-children newborned and pure. As you can understand I`m over 65 and been working mostly of my life with family and friendsships and many different interestings in lifes. I can say for mee life becomemore and more rich and interesting. I´l hope for everyone it will come so. but my consciousness told mee that life is diferenlly around the world and even in our own country.

    Now the shoeses can be interesting to knew where or if i can by them even nowdayes. What web or in what boutiqe???

    With great regards from , Karin

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