rocco royal, age 2

two, how do you do?  i’ve known you three other times and you’ve been sweet but this time i find you rather bitter.  yes, in the form of my squishy and smiley little guy you could not be sweeter but in knowing this is likely the last time two lives in our home, i feel […]

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Ella, Age 10

each day with you leaves me wondering of the next.  it’s hard to believe that my 1st day with you was 365 x 10.  i’ll never forget that, “she is so beautiful,” were my very first words to you.  and that scrunched up face that was before me when our eyes first met is still […]

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Liam Brave, Age 3

How is it you are 3?  Although, there are days, I could swear you are 63.  You are such an old soul Liam Brave.  A child’s heart happily coupled with an old soul, there could not be a more perfect being.  Although, I am the one that should be leading the way, dear one, I […]

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Luke, Age 7

Happy Birthday to my first boy, the one who melts my heart with his ocean blues.  You are already that boy who is the magic combination of tough on top and sweeter than candy (yes cotton candy) on the inside. +  you love to play ball.  football, baseball, basketball….bouncy ball.  i often wonder why you […]

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Rocco, Age 1

One.  They say it is the longest short year there is.  I know this to be true from 3 other little la la’s but with you, Rocco, its been nothing short of too fast.  If I really think about you being one today, my heart kind of aches a little. +You easy going.  I’m not […]

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Ella, Age 9

Happy Birthday to my little B/F/F.  Today you are age 9.  Which, of course, seems possibly impossible.   Happiness hit me the moment I knew I was having you and happiness has followed me every day since. +You are personality wrapped up in pink +You sing more than you talk [and it should be noted […]

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Liam Brave, Age 2

Happy Birthday my sweet Liam Brave.  You are pure joy.  Light in the darkness.  And laughter that never seems to end.  You have more personality than 10 grownies combined. Oh how you love to talk.  Sometimes I’m amazed at all of the words [+ sentences] you know how to say.  And even more amazed at […]

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