rocco royal, age 2




two, how do you do?  i’ve known you three other times and you’ve been sweet but this time i find you rather bitter.  yes, in the form of my squishy and smiley little guy you could not be sweeter but in knowing this is likely the last time two lives in our home, i feel a little sour.

sweet rocco you are sunshine through and through.  pudgy hands and thumpy feet that leave smudges of happiness down the halls and in our hearts.

+you are so animated with the cutest little expressions that i somehow know that i used to make
+instead of yes, it’s a sure “mmmhmmm” and to that i can never say no
+you insist on going to bed with at least two binkies (memees). preferably three.  one for your mouth.  and one for each hand.
+whatever liam does or has, you must have or do too
+it’s been all about muno but as of last week spiderman (man) it is
+meal times are wild.  no sitting still.  food everywhere.  walking on tables.  begging for coocoo (cookie).
+you can break dance with the best of them
+ we call you roc, rocco the taco, and (i’m sorry) little roc
+you’re favorite book is wild animals by rop van mierlo
+you love to watch common + colbie caillat break it down with elmo
+you just started giving bear hugs and i hope you never stop
+you look up to uLA, Uke and EEum
+when i’m not looking you dance like maniac in your car seat.  but i always catch a glimpse.
+you love to put on my shoes or anyones that might be laying around


by now it may be known that your name means rest.  truth be told you are my most active.  the messes you make are second to none.  i’m always right behind picking up after you or you are right behind me undoing what i’ve done.  your running.  i’m chasing.  but here we are together.  maybe you don’t afford me physical rest but you’ve given my soul some.  that is the kind i need anyways.  the peace of mind kind.  good day.  bad day.  random, nothing new kind of day.  and there you are shining your sweet smile my way and covering me with little heaps of happiness.  giggling goodness back into my serious self.  creating chaos and casting calm into my heart.  finding rest when you rest your head upon me.  it’s all there wrapped up in your pudgy little body and bright shining eyes.

although it’s your birthday, i’m the one who gets the gift.  and i pray that two with you is imprinted in my mind and stamped upon my heart for all the three and four and forty fours that follow.



  • Lori Reedy
    Commented on May 11th, 2013 at 5:44pm

    I have three little boys, 7, 4 and 3. You put into words exactly how I feel but never could. My last little guy will be my last at 3 years old:/ You said this perfectly. Thank you!

  • Trina
    Commented on May 13th, 2013 at 3:16pm

    oh, thank you for your sweet words! i know you must be a busy momma! enjoy your little guys and take time for yourself! xo . t

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