rocco’s room with valspar (before)

there is one room in my house that i’ve been hiding for quite awhile.  it’s the room on the other side of the mouse hole; rocco’s room.  originally it was my brother’s room.  then half of my sister’s room (my parents let her tear down a wall to make her room bigger) and then, when we […]

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moffat + music

I’m loving Lauren Moffat at the moment.  The clothes, the interiors on her site + her Paris playlist. And speaking of playlists [which by the way, I’m no good at].  Here are two more to make your day a little more lovely: +The Littlest : Morning Naps +Salt + Pine : Strong Women for my […]

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Such a Perfect Day

Today has not started so perfect for me…in fact it started pure chunks.  But I’m trying to leave that behind.   Have you seen the Strawberry Swing video by Coldplay yet?  You can help but smile during the whole thing.  It’s just clever, happy and magic. To watch the video click HERE (sorry, I know […]

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Eyes and Ears

Here is what I’m reading .  .  . Being pregnant with #3 means just picking a fun preggers book.  I picked this one up in England last year, as you can’t buy it stateside.  It is a pregnancy and first year baby book by Jools Oliver, Jamie Oliver’s, wife.  It’s pretty basic but kinda fun […]

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Listening To

{photos by Bharat Sikka via This is Glamorous} I just downloaded Carla Bruni’s new cd, Comme si de rien n’eait (As If Nothing Happened) and I cannot stop listening to it.  It is so beautiful and it just feels as if it is from another time.   These pictures are of the First Lady’s studio. […]

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Drive on by . . .

Image via Jen Gotch Flickr Happy Friday!  I’m off to run here and there but I’m quite happy because where I am going requires a bit of a drive and being stuck in a car by myself actually sounds pretty lovely.  I’ll be coasting a long listening to some teaching cd’s for a little personal […]

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Happy Weekend

WATCH THIS!  This video was filmed at the concert we went to in Chicago.  Pure musical brilliance and absolute fun! Happy weekend.  My apologies about the giveaway.  This week got a little busy and I need some time to put the post together.. hoping to post early next week so please keep an eye out!

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Birthday Excitement

Yesterday was my birthday.  My sweet little Ella made me the cake, with the help of her Gommy.  Last night we went to the Coldplay concert with our friends (my idea of a PERFECT birthday).  And well, I quite dislike bragging, so this is not, but I could not help myself in sharing this…… We […]

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