Things to Think on


I’m not feeling so lovely friends.  I need to get a few things in order.  I’m thinking maybe if I write them out, and you know like publicly, than maybe […]

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Love this space + love these words.  It’s a great reminder, isn’t it?  I had a big long post to share but just have not had the time to finish […]

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Soul Food

Do you ever find that this and that really aren’t that important. Sometimes I spend a lot of time, even thoughts, on things that aren’t so productive, not very necessary […]

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I know I seem to be a all about Barbies lately. El got this Jonathan Adler Barbie for her birthday. I didn’t even know she existed, this one, and I’m […]

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I believe in prayer I have prayed all my life I have seen many many prayers answered And right now I am not even sure how to pray for the […]

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