I am in crazy nesting mode. I can’t open a drawer without ripping it apart and organizing. It is getting a little out of control. I came in with groceries today and ended up cleaning out the fridge before I could put them away. I don’t think I was this neurotic with the other two so I’m not sure what this all means but it must mean something?
Today, we went to the apple orchard and the grocery store and I had some crazy desire to eat at Red Lobster (or Red Slopster as we like to call) it. Fried shrimp. I don’t know. And today, I was toting around a big bag of El’s change, in hopes of depositing it at the bank (lets be honest, the bag will probably be in my car for the next week). Well, in a harried hurry in the pick up line at school, I jumped out of the car to move it out of her seat and of course dropped ALL of the coins, as I seem to drop pretty much everything at least twice a day. And the coins went everywhere. It was a mess….. me and my belly picking it up. But a nice mommy and her son helped me..and so of course I naturally told him he could just keep a handful. El wasn’t so sure about me letting a boy in her class have some of her money. Oh well. He earned it.
All that to say if I am neither here nor there then be assured that I am nesting. Some drawer, some closet, some pile, some cabinet is getting happily cleaned out.
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  • Porchlight Interiors
    Commented on November 4th, 2009 at 8:06pm

    How lovely! It's great that your body tells you when its time to prepare for such a big event! Thanks for your very sweet comment on our blog – it really means alot! Tracey xx

  • Jenns Three Graces
    Commented on November 5th, 2009 at 10:07am

    That's funny – I'm cleaning out my nest – every nook and cranny – but it never seems to end. I've collected so many phases of pretties and history – chintz, hair receivers, dresser boxes, hat pins – but I just feel the need to simplify my life and have others enjoy what I have loved – does that make sense? Jennifer

  • Just be......
    Commented on November 13th, 2009 at 12:27pm

    O.k. just stumbled across your blog…I know, I know I don't get out much. I was just going to peruse it quickly, but no …you just can't ,so now I'm making some Chai so I can relax and enjoy.
    Lovely and beautiful!

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