Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend lovelies.  The kids were off school today so it was a bit coocoocachoo in these parts.  I was able to sneak off with El & L to the Jack + Jill movie [thanks, Mom].  I wasn’t expecting it to be very funny.  I mean why do guys always think a dude dressing up as girl is so hiliarious?  Anyhow, it was funny.  I was doing the obnoxious laugh quite a few times.  And not to give anything away, but speaking of dudes dressed up as girls…. David Spade [with whom I share a birthday] makes a cameo as, you’ve guessed it, a girl and I almost missed the fact that it was him.

Tomorrow I’m heading into the city, sans little la la’s, and I’m hoping to pop into the new Top Shop + All Saints.  That could be a good thing yes?

And speaking of shopping.  Have you started your holiday shopping yet?  I like to procrastinate and yes, I’m the stay up all night kind of wrapper.  I shop in two batches.  First for my the misters family as we celebrate early, and then after thanksgiving I start with my family and the kids.  Every year I tell myself to start earlier but thinking about it before Halloween pretty much annoys me.  I did get in a good groove with the misters side so I’m hoping maybe, if I can keep a move on it, I can keep the online ordering up + get done earli[er] this year.

Have any great Christmas finds this year?  What is on your wish list?  I’d love to hear about them.

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Right now la la L O V E L Y  is offering sponsorship specials for the holidays.  If you are looking to reach people that like lovely things than send me an e-mail at trina [at] la la lovely things [dot] com for more information + some pretty great rates.

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  • Banff Art Lines
    Commented on November 12th, 2011 at 11:55am

    So cute…very clever!

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