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Have you guys heard of LUVOCRACY?  It’s my new online obsession.  If you wondering just what Luvocracy is, it’s a social shopping site where you can curate your favorite finds on the web, follow your favorite tastemakers and see what they are loving and the best part, yet, is you can buy directly from the site.  No clicking and clicking to get to the original web site to make a purchase.  It’s all right there and it’s super simple (I love anything that is simple on the web and doesn’t waste a lot of unnecessary time).  They also offer some really great features in that a shopping assistant finds the product at a competitive price from a reputable retailer, places the order, and will assist with any glitches or return needs. If a product is sold out, they will scour the world to find some place it is in stock. If it’s out of stock everywhere, we will let the designer know that you want to buy it and give him or her the opportunity to make more for you if possible.   Also, your credit card information and email address never leave Luvocracy.  I like to thinkg of them as my shopping concierge.

If you want to see more you can check out what I’ve been curating right here.

and if you think you might be interested in joining and curating your own favorites, than I have an invite for you and you can join right here.

Here are a few items I’ve added to my decorate collection….I think the layout is really aesthetically pleasing too (for all you designer types).

Luvocracy 3 | la la Lovely

Another really fun aspect of the site is the Just for You Catalog section where Luvocracy showcases item that you specifically will like.

Luvocracy 4| la la Lovely

Oh, and you can also see all of my trusts (or who I’m following)…they have curated some really great finds (which takes a lot of work out of the Christmas shopping for me).  OK, only a few days left to shop before Christmas …. so check it out.

Happy Shopping!  XO


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