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happy friday lovelies.  i’m glad it is the weekend.  i’m hoping that this weekend entails as much relaxation as possible (such as movies, reading and knitting to be exact).  last weekend la la had her first slumber party and it was a little surreal, because i very clearly remember having a slumber party in 5th grade in this very house.  while they played on iPads i made (yes, made would be the right word) all my friends play post office (that is until my mom came down to the basement and told me that no one wanted to play anymore — i didn’t believe her, naturally).  stephen and i really tried to make the party fun by showing the girls our best dance moves (think roger rabbit straight into an 8 count of the running man).  i’m headed to yoga this morning which has been so good for me (although, i still need to kick this strong biz into high gear) . . . i love starting off my weekend this way.

+ the kids had fun with valentines day
+ i’ve determined this is my go to cookie recipe (now to stop making cookies + exercise)
+ in case you missed it, we got a kitty and he has found his favorite chair.  la la started an instagram account for him @theokittycat because thats what kids do these days, make instagram accounts for animals (and she laughs at me for post office –  whatevs)
cassie’s moodboard inspired me + i’m ready to update my current random one


01 /  a little video to distract you and help you not to be distracted.

02 /   do you make face cocktails?  this one sounds good.

03 /  i know you’ll love kirsten’s home as much as i do (ps- see what she did to my home here)

04 /  what i’m listening to this weekend.

05 /  valentines is over, but why not hearts for breakfast?

06 /  grab these bookcases (they are about to be extinct) + someone make this!

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