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it’s back to school this week with new schedules, snacks and systems.  so far it hasn’t been too much of a shock to our systems, but more of a welcome re-arrangement.  the little ones are going to a new pre-school and are loving it. and, la la entered middle school.  this is probably more of an adjustment for me because i’m totally weireded out thinking about her being in jr. high (besides, the girls is like an inch away from being taller than me!), and not just any jr. high, my old school.  she has one of my old teachers and another teacher that was a classmate and good friend of mine.  life is strange and sometimes strangely the same.  we covered books with brown paper bags, which i almost remembered how to do.  i found a bit of comfort in the cutting and wrapping after trying to wrap my mind around 6th graders using a homework “facebook like” interface.  i’m all for being very modern, social media savvy, and not in the dark ages digitally, myself.  but, when it comes to my littles i cling to things like cursive, paperbooks, inky pens, imagination and a little bit of old fashioned wondering.


after i dropped my kids off on the first day, i blared “can’t touch this,” by m.c. hammer…danced around my house and scream sang “yo, ring the bell, schools in sucker!”  i admit i googled the lyrics to make sure i had them just right and to my surprise, i’ve been singing the song wrong for 24 years.  there was no metrolyrics to check in technicolored 1990 (and yes, i wikipedia’d to get my year right – see what i mean?  because if the year was 1995, it would have probably been ok to just assume “can’t touch this” was 1991).   while i appreciate information at my fingertips, i’ll take imagination and working out the words as i go, any day.

so while school is back in session and full of silver square apples these days, rather then the sweet red variety, don’t forget to imagine and work some things out as you go….preferably in print.

happy labor day weekend, friends.  i just now realized it was labor day weekend and my anniversary this weekend.  no plans or arrangements so nothing or anything could happen.  do you have plans or any labor day traditions?


01 /  eden jo’s new room is as sweet as her name.

02 / i’m still liking my shorter hair, but needing a little variety.  this might do the trick.  plus it brings me back to wanting to do my hair like meg ryan in sleepless in seattle.

03 /  what’s your fave app?  these are 5 must have for creatives.  my current fave is still voxer.

04 /  a few tips on networking for introverts.  some good thoughts for those who don’t like networking, but do love mtg. new people + making connections.

05 /  avocado cilantro hummus.  yes!

06 /  some bloggy podcasts i’d love to listen to this weekend.

07 / someday i’d like to see a scandinavian summer + stay in a cottage like this.

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  • Jo
    Commented on August 31st, 2014 at 8:39am

    Oh, gees. Nothing frustrates me quite like the modern school system. I am with you. Are they no longer teaching cursive where you are, either? I think that is just crazy! How will they be able to sign their names?! And we have some schools that require laptops. This is rural N.C., people! Most families can’t afford that.
    Insanity. Just insanity. Let’s go back to real books and writing by hand.

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