office crush


i crush on houses, i crush on kitchens, i even crush on offices.  any space that speaks, really.   and, this studio space is speaking loud and clear to me.  i’m not surprised.  the studio belongs to emily henderson and pretty much all she does is gold (and includes lots of it.  that’s cool by me, too).

her los angeles studio was recently featured on domaine.  i’m kind of geeking out on the way she hung wallpaper.  as, in literally just hung it up.  suspended it from the ceiling.  layer upon layer.  looks like an art installation (i’m especially la la loving the pineapple wallpaper by hygge and west).


all of her props stacked, sorted, gathered in goodness.  this is my kind of shelf situation.  i’d be lost studying the details for at least a good hour.


my favorite thing about this studio is (keep reading) . . .

is definitely the fabulous list board.  which just looks to be made of bright washi tape, a border of paint, and perhaps some dry erase paint.  the the long arm sconce lamps above with cords washi taped are design love for me.  doable, practical and playful.



while i usually opt for a more neutral space, if i ever went crazy on color it would always be the emily way. you can see the rest of emily’s studio here.

what is your favorite element about this space?  

i’ve been eyeing those gold task lamps (seen on the desks, above) for sometime now.  they are so good and such a good price point.

p.s.  i crushed on her last office too.

photos by chris patey for domaine.


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