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how do you do halloween?

while i’d love to tell you that i come up with an original design and sew my kids costumes and that we craft them to completion together or maybe even that i search and scour the web for the coolest most unique costume, the truth is, i’m like, “oh you want to be spider man, AGAIN?  ok, that works.”  it used to pain me, but now it justs makes things more peaceful for all of us.  no use convincing why it would be cooler to be vincent van goh or something.

however, i la la love looking at all of the creative DIY costumes that fill up my feed this time of year.  and, every year they just keep getting better and better.

click through for my faves:


i’m la la loving these animal headeresses from animalesque by sara lowes.  like want one for myself love.  even love the idea of the antlers with ribbon (as seen above from small magazine).  looks like narnia to me.

UFO-COSTUME1 ufo costume
by oh happy day.  see all of her amazing costume ideas here.

copenhagen_costumecopenhagan row house costume
by the house that lars built.  loving her mona lisa costume too!


snail costume
by look linger love


cat + pumpkin masks
the mask craft by marrilee liddiard (remember her amazing book Playful?), seen on oh happy day really resonates with me because it is very doable DIY and it kind of reminds me of a modern, way cooler version of the plastic mask costumes i used to wear as a kid (remember the barbie mask with the plastic dress in the box?).

what are you kids dressing up as this year?  


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