fave friday


happy friday, lovelies.

a few things.  it snowed here yesterday…no accumulation, but frigid air for sure.  yesterday i had a sickie and while i did large amounts of wash all i could think of was how thankful i am to have a washing machine.  i can’t imagine the days of having to h handwash  and, this is what my kitchen table looks like at the moment.  an empty star napkin holder, a pumpkin dish, a land of nod catalog, pb+j not put together, and a leaf from my fiddle leaf fig tree, who seems to be shedding.  it’s just a snap of real life, because life has been feeling really real lifeish lately, you know.  the hum of the dryer, the routine of kids, the falling into bed at night and not having enough energy to even read.


in strange ways, it has felt kind of reassuring this week.  do you ever feel this way?  

and, speaking of reading, i seem to be book hopping lately.  now, i’ve started the alchemist, and am taking a break from outlander.  i think i’ll do a book post next week, because i have finished quite a few books since my last “currently reading” post.

wishing you a calm and rather boring weekend or an active and exciting one.  whichever is your wish, of course.

until next week!

xo . t


01 / do you ever use your imagination to tell yourself the worst stories?  that is the thing about imaginations they work for the good + bad, sometimes.  i’ve so been feeling this very exact same way, lately.

02 / this lipstick has me for getting all about gloss.

03 / i love the ideas of salads in tea cups.  

04 /  i tape these little crosses up here + there in my house, but what about an entire wall?  so cute.

05 / i tried on + ordered glasses virtually, but what about a virtual makeover?

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