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well, poop was popular on instagram this week.  a poop emoji pillow that is.  who doesn’t like using the poop emoji every now and again.  when my oldest saw that there was an actual plush version of this smiley poop, well, it went straight on her santa list.  i admit, potty talk is popular in our house.  just the usual, poop face, butt, booty variety.  i’ve tried 9 long years to keep it at a minimum, but with 3 boys i think the odds are against me.  i only have one brother, but it might as well have been three with the amount of times i heard poop this and poop while we were growing up.  we even learned how to say a few potty words (poop, pee, fart, to be exact) in chinese from our neighbors.  anyways, in case you like the pillow as much as we do …. 

 here is where we got the pillow.  and, tell me, if you have boys, is potty talk popular in your house too?  do you make a big deal out of it?

i hope your week was lovely!  here are a few links for your weekend reading.


01 /  why we remember what we write.  fascinating if you are writing out goals or lists this first week of of the new year.

02 / if you love french words.

03 / could you edit your closet down to just 25 items?

04 / before i had kids, i was the perfect parent.

05 / i’ve been pinning these beds forever, and now here is a post with actual design plans to build one.



  • Nancie Nelson Bartly
    Commented on January 24th, 2015 at 2:24pm

    NEVER potty words from the oldest, my boy. The middle child, oldest girl-Poop is her favorite word! Poop is always on my grocery list courtesy of her. Her favorite emoji when texting. One year It was on her Christmas list. Santa obliged by putting plastic poop in her stocking. It was her favorite until the dog ate it. Typical!
    And when I saw this pic, I immediatly texted it to her!

  • Trina
    Commented on January 26th, 2015 at 1:56pm

    cracking up! i’ll have to try the plastic poop in the stocking sometime :) xo. t

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