Cat Sandwiches

Cat Sandwhiches | La La Lovely

Cat sandwiches.

Sometimes we play with our food.  We make short stories with our sustenance.  We smile and we take a bite.  And, it tastes better because it’s not just bread it’s beyond.  It’s a curious cat, with strawberry ears and a blackberry button nose.  A cat who knows everything because, of course, cats always do.  They are sly and shy and slink around corners and carry secrets.  I don’t know what kind of secrets cats carry, but you can always see it in their eyes.  Have you seen it, too?  Something.  Everything.  Everything, they hear with strawberry ears.

It was boring day, busy with many some-things, that add up to everything, and nothing is the only thing that appears to get done.  Do you know these days, too?  



The little ones yelped for dinosaur sandwiches and I was done with those.  They hardly have a face, just a big, blah bread body.  I can’t see any stories without a face.  I found a circle cookie cutter, and at first I saw nothing, but was sure I could make something.

I then saw our cat and thought, yes, that.  That cat.  I thought about eyes and whiskers and wondered what would do, with what I had.  The only non-negotiable was chocolate.  Chocolate chips, always, as eyes.

Blackberries, strawberries, chocolate and cheese.  And, a marshmallow to make the eyes alive so they can carry those cat secrets they hear with their strawberry ears.


Cat Sandwhiches|La La Lovely

The cat was cartoon cute and as sweet as it’s center of Nutella and peanut butter.  We laughed and we giggled and gave it a bite.  The day went on as days do, with boring and busy – – but now, we carried the curious cat inside.  A little lunch magic made it’s way into the rest of our day.  We bounced between boring and cat like curious.  And, the day was delicious, all because we took a bite.

Do you play with your food?  What have you made?

Our cat sandwich was pretty simple, but we simply loved it.

I also love making teddy bear toast with almond butter, raisins and bananas :

Teddy Bear Toast | La La Lovely Blog

And, I’d love to try a bunny sandwich next – specifically Miffy, as seen on Brie’s gorgeous Instagram.

Bunny Sandwhich via La La Lovely blog



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