Thank You, A Poem

Thank you for the light.

The amber sun, with its shimmering rays, coloring the skies and our skin.

The moon, glowing on the darkest night, occasionally gracing us with its elegant face, during day.

Jesus, the Incandescent One, who illuminates our purpose and path.


Thank you for people.

The family who share our stories, our hearts, to whom we belong.

The friends who welcome us like family—sharing, truly, in both our joy and pain.

The enemies who become our teachers, if we allow.

The stranger whom we have an opportunity to acquaint as neighbor.

The Father, who adopted us and gave us home.


Thank you for life.

The air, breezy, thick, or chilling.

The bliss of better days, scenting memories like cinnamon.

The tears, tangible evidence of the typography of our soul—its highs and lows.

The Holy Spirit, who guides us through the landscapes of our lives.


Thank you for beauty.

Beginning in an ancient garden and continuing to germinate in modern day.

Bold and brazen, in plain eye’s sight.

Quiet, curated, kindling in the ash.

An invitation to pay attention, notice and behold.

The Creator, who calls His creations to co-create.


Thank you for today.

This moment, certain and fleeting, tacky, tethered to eternity.

That laugh, hardy, hysterical, open mouthed-without sound.

The interruptions—bothersome or welcome—teaching us to engage sacred over schedule.

The Breath of Life, Your Spirit, at home in me.

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