Dear Sister #2

Dear Sister, Do you ever dawdle on decisions? I’ve been struggling as of late. The time I’ve spent deciding and discussing whether I should cut my hair or grow it out is rather embarrassing. I’m afraid to make choices because I am afraid of getting it wrong. But I wonder . . . What if getting […]

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Dear Sister,

Before you read on…I’m considering a new series called “Dear Sister,”. I love letter writing–I believe it to be a lost art. For years, my sister and I (sometimes while living only 90 miles apart) have been writing letters to one another. Specially selected stationary, stickers–sometimes, words from the heart–always. We both find we express […]

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Beauty and the Broken

I often thought that life could only be one or the other. Beautiful or broken. When my world shifted, and I came to terms with accepting that I had a broken heart, I believed the lie that beauty (goodness, hope, light) were, at best, on the other side of brokenness. At my lowest,  I found a truth that is […]

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Beholding Beauty

A few words on the practice of living with your eyes wide open. These days, I am finding a new definition of beauty and it looks nothing like the photoshopped squares we feed on each day. I think beauty gets a bad rap. We seem to either strive for it or believe it to be […]

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On HOPE and being honest about our feelings

Have you ever felt the heavy weight of hopelessness? Like a heavy wet blanket sitting on your soul? I have. Have you ever felt the heavy weight of hopelessness? Like a heavy wet blanket sitting on your soul? I have. And it is a hard thing to admit being a child of God, with Hope […]

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Make Yourself at Home in Love

Astonishing Love. I want nothing less. Would you expect anything less on this day of love? I wasn’t always keen on Valentine’s Day. In high school, I found a photo of cupid with an arrow in his back. I made photocopies and tacked the prints on a slew of lockers while, of course, wearing all […]

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Goal As You Go

I want to give you permission to goal as you go. Are you feeling the pressure to pursue it all? Be it all? Squeeze into it all (my pants are so tight right now–please tell me I’m not alone. No seriously, leave me a comment)? If so… read on!   I don’t know about you […]

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La La Lovely Book + GIVEAWAY

I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share my book cover with you! If you are a subscriber (if not….sign up here!) then you already got a sneak peek at the interior as well. The other exciting news is that the book is AVAILABLE for PRE-ORDER! I’ve created an entire blog page to share […]

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Everything will be Alright

A little note for the stressed, the frazzled, the uncertain. RELAX, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. Did you know it actually says this in the Bible? In more than one place (Jude 1, Lamentations 3:57 MSG) Someone, in my life, used to tell me this often and I believed it. I believed it with […]

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Anxiety is Redundant

  I’ve always struggled with fear. It’s been something that I’ve battled since I was a small child. In my teens, I came to understand that fear is not from God. That Jesus paid a great price to free me from all of my fears. I made a decision that fear was not going to have […]

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