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I’ve been a little cranky lately. No doubt, I could give you an array of excuses. A million little reasons as to why I’m tired and how that is making me, shall we say, testy.

I notice I’ve been grumbling—when I type it out, it is such a gross word. I’ve certainly been complaining more than I’ve been giving thanks. I’ve been voicing worries…worries that seem quite warranted, as I’m sure are your’s do too. But worry is like wandering around in circles. It requires effort and energy and the only place it takes us is to a place in which we will likely never end up—that is unless we set our minds to go there.

And that’s the key, Lovely Ones, what we set our mind to, sets our direction, and often, our destination.

I’d like to set my mind to gratitude. To the gifts, I have been given. To the goodness all around–even if some days it requires squinting to see it.

Gratitude is a practice. Meaning it takes practice. It requires muscles to flex, stretch and grow. It’s movement of our mind, heart, and soul.


The other day, I saw a fancy journal for this type of daily practice. I was sure I had to have it.

I’m just the type to believe that I need new shoes for a new workout routine.

Truth is, all I really need, all we really need, is to simply show up. To take the first step.

I didn’t buy the journal. But, I did create one. A beautiful gratitude journal with 16 days worth of prompts to practice giving thanks–that I’d like to gift to you.

Let’s set our minds on what is good. All that is right, even in the midst of all that is wrong.

Let’s practice gratitude.

Join me?

You can download your free journal HERE!.

XO. Trina

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