4 Treats for the 4th of July

Are you in full swing planning for the fourth?  I tend to take the path of tradition and always make the same thing, with a wish to try new things.  I tend to over complicate.  Can you relate?  That only leaves me leaning on my old stand bys.  So, I figured simple is the secret […]

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slow cooker beef tacos

i had a blog post, almost (on books).  and, then school was cancelled, again (brrrr).  so, instead of words, i give you a recipe.  a recipe for shredded slow cooker beef tacos to be exact.  the kind of cooking that is great for slowed down snow days or days so fast you can’t find time to cook.  […]

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this is a post about toast.  toast and friendship, really.  friendship and comfort and care, to be exact. i’ve always been a toast girl (when it comes to carbs, it has nothing to do with pasta, for me, and everything to do with the bread – and, yes, ok, french fries.  so french fries and […]

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trophy cupcakes + parties!

doesn’t this picture just make you happy.  it works for me on a thursday lovelies! we are talking books today.  books and cupcakes, to be exact (that’s what all the sprinkly goodness is about above)  and honestly, these are two of my favorite things.  i like buying all types of books, but cook books are […]

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an ode to tea

anyone who knows me, knows i la la love tea.  if you’ve been reading for awhile than you likely know this too. after receiving  my pretty new glass tea pot  (+ my sweet porcelain mini vases pictured above) from not on the high street, i decided it was high time to dedicate a post to a well loved daily ritual of mine.  the […]

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get your green smoothie on

we have been making a lot of green drinks around here.  of course, it’s the new year and everyone is cutting this and that and everything out of their diet.  i’m not good at that.  i never have been.  but, like I told you earlier this week, what am good at is adding good things. […]

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Decorating for Fall

Do you decorate for fall?  I used to, but these days, I just haven’t had the energy and I don’t care for all of my former fall decor.  I saw this garland and it really got me thinking about just bringing in a few natural elements.  Such a great idea string or group them together […]

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New York

Do you ever just pretend?  You know, like you are somebody else or at least just living somewhere else.  I do, but it shouldn’t be any surprise as my imagination tends to be on the overactive side (in good and bad ways).  Usually, it’s when I’m reading a book or watching a movie, I get […]

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Fave Friday

Since I’m away I thought I’d forgo my normal fave photos of the week and share a yummy recipe for coconut cloud cake.  You can be sure that I am eating my way through New York City this weekend.  But, if I were home I’d be baking up this cake, no doubt. +  a few […]

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Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July.  Need a little last minute festive something to pass or please the littles?  These 4th of july fruit wands means last minute is no problemo! We are definitely doing these at my house! Enjoy your day!  xo . t

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