kiwi crate, crafting + a giveaway

i confessed a few weeks back that i don’t do crafts with my kids very often.  it’s hard to type that out twice, but sometimes the the truth hurts, yes?  the thing is i’d like to do more more crafts, but i just seem to call it quits before i even start when i start […]

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Book Review : Playful

i have something to confess.  i don’t do crafts with my kids very often.  this is kind of hard to admit as a mom of four and a design blogger who is “supposed” to live my offline life in a very crafty online kind of way.  the thing is i’m not a super great crafter […]

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gift guide / la la littles

christmas is for kids, yes?  for a couple of years i’ve felt in the middle of it.  i refuse to totally grow up, which basically means i’m dedicated to using my imagination.  yet, i feel like i have grown up a lot these past couple of years, mostly in ways i thought i’d never have […]

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3 Gifts : Boys Will Be Boys

skateboard/ toy crossbow / solar robot Boys will be boys!  I have 3 little men running about like wild bear cubs, so I know what I’m talking about in this department.  I love these picks and even my not so little guy (as in the mister, ahem) would like gifs.  As I said, boys will be boys. […]

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DIY : Fabric Chandelier

How about a little DIY this morning?  We made this super cute and super easy, I might add, fabric chandeliers for Original this year and they were so fun.  The steps are as easy as one, two, three. I think a little fabric chandelier would be so cute in a little girls room or you could […]

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DIY : Photo Canvas Art

Have you ever thought about painting on any of your canvas prints? I’ve done this before but not to this extent. We had this canvas sitting around.  It was sort of a lemon actually.  When I ordered, I had a dark circle under Ella’s eye touched up and lets just say, without her painted on […]

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MAP Quilts

These map quilts by Haptic Lab are so cool.  Who would have known that there is a city map on this pretty white quilt? No doubt about the baby quilts being maps with the bright colors showing off the city streets.  The really fun colors give a better clue as to which city is portrayed. […]

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Play Room

It pretty much seems like everyone room is a playroom in my house.  At least there are toys in every room.  I wish I could share a great solution with you on how to avoid this common problemo but I’m searching for one myself and with 4 little la la’s I’m pretty sure there is […]

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Fun House

Here is a really FUN house that I would love to live in even as a grown-up (what a weird word, when I think about it.  I mean we don’t call kids, not-growns).  Found this great place over at Skona hem {click here to see MORE}. This doesn’t belong to the same house but what […]

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