Heart & Soul

{Pictured heart art from Etsy &  available for purchase}
Do you ever seem to lose your way?  Or seem to get a bit off track?  Even the slightest veer in the road can seem like it throws everything off.  Sometimes we are uncertain of what we do or more importantly who we are.  And yet some of us (most of us) haven’t quite yet managed to find out who we are or what we should do.  

Life is a journey so it does seem to be that we never quite arrive.  But the arrivals are the stops along the way.  And if you feel a bit lost or you’ve come to a fork in the road where both paths look enchanting, which makes the decision all the harder, then do this … Follow your heart!

Souls who follow their hearts thrive!
{The Message – Proverbs 13:19a}


  • All Things Bright and Beautiful...
    Commented on April 19th, 2008 at 7:20pm

    Now this is a food for thought post :-) Thank you!

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