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happy halloween and how was your week?  i hope it has been a lovely one wherever you are.  here the leaves are still gorgeous and the air went from indian summer on monday to windy winter like today.  maybe just maybe i might drive the littles from house to house to trick or treat.  it feels that cold.  and, i have been feeling pretty ill all week.  i’ve tried to take it easy and rest as much as possible, which i always have a hard time doing, but i made myself and think i am starting to feel a bit better today (thank, god!).  yesterday, i spent most of the day in the basement, letting the little ones play while i watched a mix of cartoons, with them, and then death comes to pemberly while they were sleeping.  have you watched it?  i’m a huge austen fan so i thought it would be worth watching.  i also started reading outlander, but i’m not quite sure about it yet.  should i keep reading?  tell me what you’ve been watching and reading lately.  i always love to know.

i have some really great reads and links to share this week that i hope you love as much as i did.  but, first this article on halloween for kids in the 70’s (same for 80’s kids too) vs. halloween for kids today is a must.  while, i love healthy everything i think i love the easy breeziness of days gone by a bit more.  what about you?

happy weekend and happy halloween.  can’t wait to catch up next week!

ps- if you need a last minute costume,  i still love the idea of tying some antlers on with ribbon!

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01 / you don’t have to be a selfless mother to be a good one.  agree?

02 /  loving this floral + marble desktop download.

03 / did you know that listening to music while working increases your efficiency?

04 / you learn by falling.  such a great read.

05 /  i’ve never thought of leather folders, but i think i need to make one.

06 / easiest full lash mascara trick ever.  i’m giving it try next time i apply.

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  • lisa thomson-The Great Escape...
    Commented on October 31st, 2014 at 8:43pm

    I love your photo, so pretty. I read Outlander. It was quite fun. It took a bit to get into though. It’s pretty lengthy but the whole experience is worth it. Absolutely agree that a good mother doesn’t have to be selfless. I would go a step further and say she takes good care of herself so she is happy then can take care of the littles. Thanks for the links!

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