I forget

I forget things all the time.  It didn’t used to be this way.  I used to be excellent at remembering.  Well, with the exception of . . . I forget things all the time. It didn’t used to be this way. I used to be excellent at remembering. Well, with the exception of . . […]

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When The Holidays Are Hard

The holidays were never hard until they were hard. Christmas was the season where everything felt right.  It was magic when I was little, consistent and comforting in my teens, it mean home when I lived far away, and maybe what it meant most was same.  Same traditions, same foods, same movies, same family.  No […]

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Cheating on Thanksgiving

image / Elisabeth Heier I’ve never been one to cheat on Thanksgiving.  It’s always felt at bit two-timey, to me, to put a tree up before that thankful Thursday.  Everything, feels so rushed in this round globe we are spinning around on.  It can never just be one thing at time.  And, that goes for holidays […]

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Shifts and Seasons

It’s funny how some things feel like they will never change.  Seasons that seem like they will never end. Winter.  Winter.  Winter. Hot summer.  Hot summer.  Hot summer. And then, one unexpected day something shifts.  Like a shadow.  A flower blooms.  A leaf falls to the ground, and you wonder when exactly it turned from […]

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Jr. High The Second Time Around

Everyone knows Jr. High can be the most awkward years.  Sometimes the most painful (in terms of your growing years).  I didn’t mind Jr. High that much, actually.  I had my hard days, my bad hair days, my zits are over taking my face days, and the classic, “I hate my life days.” I think Jr. High the […]

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Rocco Royal, Age 4

You are four.  I don’t have any pretty words or ways to say this except that I’m not OK with this.  I like that you can use the potty and climb in the car, but if those chubby cheeks of yours start thinning out, then I might have meltdown right along with you.     […]

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If There was Starbucks

I sneak out to Starbucks  to type and write and find silence while sitting next to seventy five others having community and conversations all around me.  I’m pretty good about tuning out and tuning into my screen.  But, the other day I got sidetracked by strangers behind me.  Two teenagers, in pleated plaid school uniforms, holding […]

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10 Treats for Mom

If you are like me, then everything is last minute.  Presents, planning and picking up.  I wish It wasn’t true, but it seems to be the pace during this phase and place of life, with four children.  All, that to say if you are still looking for a few ideas for a lovely lady in […]

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Ella, Age 12

little la la, yesterday, in chicago, you told me your name isn’t la la.  i’m not sure if you rolled your eyes, but i rolled mine.  my jr. high self meeting yours.  no, your name is ella.  would have been eleanor.  beautiful fairy.  light.  grace.  and, as amy says, queen of the sea.  but, you […]

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