3 Darling DIYs

I’ve rounded up 3 darling DIYs that have caught my eye, recently.  Honestly, I’m not really even sure if one qualifies as DIY because it only requires paper and scissors, but it’s an idea I really wanted to share and one I’m going to try in my home. But, first things first . . . When […]

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Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

You have to try this! I don’t usually start posts like this, but I had to get right to the point.  Which is make this! Now, I’m not a food blogger, but I do consider myself a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur.  I also consider myself pretty professional at pinning pretty things that I want to try […]

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Power Packed Morning Smoothie

So, do you make smoothies?  It seems like everyone is slurping down some kind of smoothie these days.   There are so many to try, and I do, but mostly I keep coming back to this one.  Ideally, I like to try have this every morning for breakfast (at least on week days).  Some days, however, I […]

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Fave Friday

Happy Friday and a few photos from around here. 2 hour Craft Camp / Because I’ve been hoarding crafts for a few years now. My night stand all clean / Because, mostly it is not. It’s been such a strange summer when it comes to weather.  We have cool summers every now and again, but […]

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4 Things to Try

1 / Try patterns on your bookshelf.  I’ve been turning my books backwards for years (see here and here), but I’ve never tried patterns, like this.  I think its worth a weekend try. 2 / Try making your own ice cream.  this no churn recipe looks simple and soooo good.  I’ve always wanted to try […]

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4 Treats for the 4th of July

Are you in full swing planning for the fourth?  I tend to take the path of tradition and always make the same thing, with a wish to try new things.  I tend to over complicate.  Can you relate?  That only leaves me leaning on my old stand bys.  So, I figured simple is the secret […]

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Cat Sandwiches

Cat sandwiches. Sometimes we play with our food.  We make short stories with our sustenance.  We smile and we take a bite.  And, it tastes better because it’s not just bread it’s beyond.  It’s a curious cat, with strawberry ears and a blackberry button nose.  A cat who knows everything because, of course, cats always do.  They are […]

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Easy Easter Eggs

I am all for easy when it comes to eggs, Easter, and everything and anything crafty and holiday, really.  For as long as I can remember Easter eggs have been synonymous with PAAS.  Dipping and dying was where it was at – – since I was a kid.  And, don’t get me wrong, I love a good color […]

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Fave Friday + valentines boxes

this week we made it through a flooded basement, little mermaid tryouts, basketball, and valentines boxes. well, the basement is still in disaray, but the play parts are being assigned today and the valentines boxes have been brought in.  as usual, this “should be ahead of holidays” blogger is always behind (both on the blog […]

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DIY : Hanging Shelf

a few monts ago my home was featured on Style Me Pretty.  before the photo shoot, i did a few updates throughout the house to spruce it up a bit.  i thrifted, found a few things online, and did a little DIY.  and, by little, i mean little, because i’ll be the first to admit […]

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