Must Haves for Traveling With Kids

Do you have any epic trips planned this summer?  Or, even just, a road trip to the grandparents?  As of now, we’ve got nothing planned, but to stay put.  Perhaps, that is why this post is so fun.  I’ll travel along, viturally, with you. First, watch this video that my friend Corbyn made on Traveling With […]

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What to Do on Rainy Days

We’ve been on summer break for a good two weeks and it’s rained a lot.  And, when I say a lot, I mean I’m questioning as to whether or not we live in Seattle or the south of England.  But,  since there is no sea on either side of me, I’m quite assured I’m right […]

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Cat Sandwiches

Cat sandwiches. Sometimes we play with our food.  We make short stories with our sustenance.  We smile and we take a bite.  And, it tastes better because it’s not just bread it’s beyond.  It’s a curious cat, with strawberry ears and a blackberry button nose.  A cat who knows everything because, of course, cats always do.  They are […]

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Chore Charts

The other week I wrote about being one thing moms and everyones.  That every-thing fills my mind.  I get overwhelmed and then don’t do anything, sometimes.  And, after all, I am more of a one thing. My one thing that I was putting off, that I shared with you, was chore charts.  Hanging them up takes […]

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One Thing Moms and Everyones

Every-thing fills my mind. And, my to-do list.  The mental one (on repeat) and the one that actually makes it pen to paper.  Clean out kid’s closets.  Pay bills.  Write a blog post.  Respond to e-mail.  Exercise (because, if I don’t list it, I might not live it).  Make doctors appointments.  Make Bed.  Make lunch. […]

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Rocco Royal, Age 4

You are four.  I don’t have any pretty words or ways to say this except that I’m not OK with this.  I like that you can use the potty and climb in the car, but if those chubby cheeks of yours start thinning out, then I might have meltdown right along with you.     […]

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If There was Starbucks

I sneak out to Starbucks  to type and write and find silence while sitting next to seventy five others having community and conversations all around me.  I’m pretty good about tuning out and tuning into my screen.  But, the other day I got sidetracked by strangers behind me.  Two teenagers, in pleated plaid school uniforms, holding […]

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10 Treats for Mom

If you are like me, then everything is last minute.  Presents, planning and picking up.  I wish It wasn’t true, but it seems to be the pace during this phase and place of life, with four children.  All, that to say if you are still looking for a few ideas for a lovely lady in […]

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Book Review : Design Mom

You know I love a good book.  Whether fiction, personal growth, or design related, I only share my favorite – “you must read and add to your collection” – books.  And, Gabrielle Blair’s (a.k.a Design Mom) new book, Design Mom: How to Live With Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide, is one of those.  It’s one you’ll […]

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Ella, Age 12

little la la, yesterday, in chicago, you told me your name isn’t la la.  i’m not sure if you rolled your eyes, but i rolled mine.  my jr. high self meeting yours.  no, your name is ella.  would have been eleanor.  beautiful fairy.  light.  grace.  and, as amy says, queen of the sea.  but, you […]

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