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A Gift Guide for Lovelies [my wishlist]

Lovelies, here is my personal wish list / gift guide.  I mean, if I could ask Santa for a few things these would be it.  I’d recommend any of them for your mom, sister, bff or any lovely that you know.  And as you can see I’ve gotten a little carried away and made quite […]

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Beauty FULL

This photo sparked my intetrest and now I’m pretty sure I need this piece of art.  I love the play on words.  If you’re interested : SuagarBoo Designs. Tomorrow | See what skincare I’m la la Loving at the moment images | pinterest |   

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Hope Your Weekend Is

Isn’t this little shirt the greatest?  I’m loving everything I’ve seen from Shopstels, which I discovered on {love} Pinterest.  I think at least one of my 3 boys needs this shirt, yes?  If you need one too, you can buy it here. Happy Weekend!

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Just Beachy

Gorgeous right?  I kept seeing this image over on Pinterest (you can follow me there too) and it was a fast favorite of mine.  Especially since I’ve got beach on the brain this week.  Well, I was super surprised when I was thumbing through Elle Decor on my flight and saw it featured in the […]

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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

If I could ask Santa for ANYTHING (besides world peace and cures for terrible diseases, etc.) here is what I’d be asking for: 1} A food tour of Italy ending in Capri for some relaxing time at the sea 2} I liked to take the family across the sea and live in another land for […]

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Artist Spotlight : Mark Boomershine

On my last trip to Atlanta I stumbled upon an artist that I knew I had to share with you all (very Sixx Design style, if you will) Meet Artist Mark Boomershine & his fabulous, fun pieces of art. I love his pop art style. Mark’s work is bold, fresh, whimsical and endearing. He has […]

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Venetian Mirrors

I have loved Venetian mirrors for sometime. Well really it all started when I visited Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Fifteen, in London 3 years ago. At the time I didn’t blog so I wasn’t going around snapping random pictures, which now, of course, I wish I would have. The look of a giant Venetian mirror paired […]

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Fit for a Queen

Ever since I first saw the work of Ann Carrington I have loved it. First it was the Crown Jewels of England in Gwyneth’s Hampton home (I know this should be Gwyneth week, right? Are there pics of her London home?). And then there was the Queen of Bow. Can’t remember where I first laid […]

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Sunshine & Sparkle

I’d like a pair of yellow gloves, I think. Sunshine on my hands to brighten up the dark, gray winter. I like gray skies, however. I feel at home with them. I’d very much like to be the sunshine during these gray sky times. Happy, bright, cheery and warm (this seriously should be on my […]

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