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Beauty FULL

This photo sparked my intetrest and now I’m pretty sure I need this piece of art.  I love the play on words.  If you’re interested : SuagarBoo Designs. Tomorrow | […]

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Hope Your Weekend Is

Isn’t this little shirt the greatest?  I’m loving everything I’ve seen from Shopstels, which I discovered on {love} Pinterest.  I think at least one of my 3 boys needs this […]

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Just Beachy

Gorgeous right?  I kept seeing this image over on Pinterest (you can follow me there too) and it was a fast favorite of mine.  Especially since I’ve got beach on […]

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Venetian Mirrors

I have loved Venetian mirrors for sometime. Well really it all started when I visited Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Fifteen, in London 3 years ago. At the time I didn’t blog […]

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Fit for a Queen

Ever since I first saw the work of Ann Carrington I have loved it. First it was the Crown Jewels of England in Gwyneth’s Hampton home (I know this should […]

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Sunshine & Sparkle

I’d like a pair of yellow gloves, I think. Sunshine on my hands to brighten up the dark, gray winter. I like gray skies, however. I feel at home with […]

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